Wax Hands


Wax Hands is a fun attraction at the National Wax Museum Plus. Located in the gift shop, this attraction gives visitors a chance to have a copy of their own wax hand as a unique souvenir to take home. Wax Hands are available in a variety of colours and can even be turned into a funky lamp! 

The Process

The Wax Master machine consists of 2 basins of cold water, a large pot of hot silicone Wax and 6 small  pots of hot coloured wax. Essentially it is a dipping process where the visitor firstly selects the hands pose they desire, then dips the hand into cold water. This is followed by a dip into the hot wax After which a staff member wipes of the excess wax. This process is repeated 4 times. Next an air pocket is created between the hand and the Wax, allowing it to be slipped off, giving a cast of the hand. Its as simple as that ! This one of the most exciting things to do at the end of your  tour!

Staff member making a wax hand mould




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