History Behind The Wax

Ireland’s first wax museum was set up in 1804 by the famous Madame Tussaud and has had many reincarnations since. It is now one of the most popular visitor attractions in Dublin. The National Wax Museum has been a huge part of the Irish tourism landscape for nearly 40 years and we are proud of its fantastic history to date. Here is some interesting information about our old locations over the years and some twists and turns we have experienced.

Part 1: Granby Row

The National Wax Museum as it was then known was originally situated in Granby Row near Parnell Square in Dublin 1. It was opened in 1983 by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and was an exciting new addition to the city. The museum became a landmark with the Giant Cú Chulainn scaling the side of the building and many of our current visitors still remember the infamous tunnels and visiting on their school tour as children. It was then as it is now the most famous Dublin Museum.

Part 2: Foster Place

The Armoury The Museum was housed over four floors and 13,000 square feet in a historic Foster Place landmark building the Armoury. The Armoury was previously the home of Ireland’s gold store and arms at the turn of the last century! As you ventured through the basement, you would have seen the old bank vaults with their heavy doors which house each scene from Irish history and mythology.

Part 3: Westmoreland Street

The Lafayette Building The National Wax Museum relocated to The Lafayette Building in Westmoreland Street in 2017. The attraction was re-imagined and re-designed to offer an interactive visitor experience. After being closed for some years, it was time for a change. With a new venue, the museum was never going to simply return to what it was, the time had arrived to create a new visitor experience. The museum has been re-imagined as the National Wax Museum Plus. It now offers all of the wax figures which gave the original its charm, but also many other additional exhibits. The addition of the Plus to the name, indicated that the museum was to be more than just wax. One of the distinguishing features of The National Wax Museum Plus is its emphasis on interactivity. The museum incorporates interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activities to enhance the visitor experience. This approach sets it apart from traditional wax museums, allowing visitors to engage with different exhibits within the museum. Over the years, The National Wax Museum Plus has undergone updates and renovations to keep its exhibits current and engaging for visitors. New wax figures are regularly added to reflect contemporary pop culture and notable figures. These updates help ensure that the museum remains relevant and appealing to both local visitors and tourists. The museum now also features the Time Vaults of Irish History and The Enchanted Forest. This area recreates Ireland’s cultural heritage down through the ages. Visitors can get up close and personal with a huge array of historical figures. Become completely immersed in Irish History with an experience of sight, sound and smell.

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