Time Vaults


The Time Vaults of Irish History offers the visitor the opportunity to explore the various stages of Irish history through a wonderful experience of sight and sound. 

This passage of time through the magnificently original old Armoury vaults which formerly housed Ireland’s gold and armour, offers the visitor a truly unique look at Irish life in a very distinctive setting. You can visit St Patrick and take a historical step through the time vaults, through the Celts, The Normans, Famine, all the way through to Modern Irish History. Each Vault room allows you to get up close and personal with some of the very different figures who feature prominently in the history of our nation. Watch out for the Viking slaying the monks, witness a glimpse of the devastation of famine life, feel the tension of the 1916 Rising and meet the men and women who secured peace in Northern Ireland. Enjoy a history lesson in Irish culture and life, from the Bronze Age right up to the Good Friday Agreement peace talks in Northern Ireland, and stand side by side with some of our nation’s most famous historical figures.

Wax figure of an older man with round glasses and a big bushy moustache




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wax figure of Father Ted

Father Ted’s Room

There’s something for every member of the family with our brand new Father Ted’s room. Teach the kids all about the all important Dermot Morgan’s greatest comedic character.

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