Father Ted’s room

There’s something for every member of the family with our brand new Father Ted room. Teach the kids all about the all important Dermot Morgan’s greatest comedic character.


History Museum Father TedVisit Ted in an authentically Irish room set to capture one of the most influential cultural programmes of the 90s. Take a photo with more than one priest and spot as many Ted references as you can. You’ll be surprised how many you can fit into a little room! And we can confirm that “All of our waxworks have lovely bottoms”

Soon to be added

  • Dougal
  • Father Jack
  • Mrs Doyle
  • Bishop Brennan

Is the Father Ted Room Suitable for school & educational tours ?

Yes, the Father Ted room is perfect for school tours of all levels and stages. It gives a snapshot of Irish History focusing on the 1990s cult tv icon . We also offer work sheets for different stages in the educational cycle to students to do pre-visit, during the visit & post visit.


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