The Brand New Wax Museum App Wax Magic

Did you know the Wax Museum has a Brand New Augmented Reality App?

We have launched a brand new Augmented Reality app to step into the digital world. The Wax Magic app was designed to give the Museum an experimental, creative and technological twist and add an extra digital dimension to delight visitors. How To Use the Wax Magic App, Step 1 Search for and download the app in the Playstore. It's called Wax Magic and it is currently android only Step 2: Choose your language. The app is currently available in French, German, Spanish and English There are three types of trigger, Educational, Points based and Character based. Each beacon earns you points as you travel through the museum There are one or two beacons hidden in the Science room. Find them for yourself. Picture credit: Karl Leonard (Hotpress)   Try out the new app as a tester on Sean Lemass. Picture credit: Karl Leonard (Hotpress) The app in action with Brendan Behan (Photo Credit: Jess Glynn from Dublin Town) There are some hidden beacons dotted all through the National Wax Museum and some might give you a spooky surprise…

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