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This one’s for our Mothers

This one’s for our Mother’s: A Wax Museum Celebration

Mothers.  They’re there for our first breath, our first smile and usueally our first set of tears. There they are. Waking up for the midnight feeds, trying to convince us to eat our greens, fixing plasters to our skinned knees, reminding us to wear a jumper over our t-shirts and telling us to bring a coat. We only have one mother, but one is more than enough when that one is as fantastic as our mothers are. Even though everyday should be their day, this mother’s day we have one more reason to wake her with her favourite breakfast in her bed: Mother’s Day, This Sunday!

To celebrate Mother’s Day we wanted to give prominence to the top 6 Mothers in the  National Wax Museum Plus:

Philomena Lynott, Mother to Thin Lizzy Frontman, Phil Lynott

Philomena is a special mother to The National Wax Museum Plus. She’s our most recent waxwork and  is the mother of the much loved rocker Phil Lynott. She was only 18 when she gave birth to Phil in London, and she was brave enough to move Phil to Dublin and reared her son with the help of her own mother. Sadly, Phil left us over 30 years ago, but Philomena has never stopped loving him and cherishing his memory. She even published a book “My boy” where she relate with more details their relationship.

 Happy Mother’s Day Philomena!!

Mary McAleese

Mary McAleese was the second female president of Ireland. She served from November 1997 to November 2011. This led to her   being ranked the 64th most powerful woman in the world by “Forbes” at the time, she did this all while being a very powerful mammy. She got married with Martin McAleese and had three children. She had her  first child, Emma when she was 30 and three years later twins, a girl and a boy. She has always protected her children, trying to distance them from media as much as possible and getting them a private and normal life, without any paparazzis following them everywhere.

Ms McAleese has most recently continued from strength to strength as a spokesperson of Ireland, most recently challenging the church on their stance on female priests

Thank you for that  Mary McAleese! And…. Happy Mother’s Day!

Marge Simpson

29 seasons, 629 episodes and 28 years as the mother of the most famous cartoon family. They’ve been on every tv station, translated into many languages. She has bailed Bart out of jail, supported Lisa with her saxo lessons or school events, all while minding baby Maggie. Not to mention the way she has to deal with the fall out her husband  leaves.

We admire your endless patience Marge. Happy Mother’s Day!

Tina Turner

Tina Turner, The Queen of Rock N Soul, was also a mammy throughout her career! She met Raymond Hill at 19 and fell pregnant with her first son Craig. When her relationship finished she met  Ike Turner, with whom she started singing and had her second baby: Ronnie. Things with Turner famously didn’t go as planned either. She divorced him and she’s such a wonderful mammy that after divorcing him, she reared her biological children as well as the two sons Turner had with his ex-wife! Tina Turner is a very special mam, taking care of her children and adopting two more while she rocked around the world!

What a great mam. Happy Mother’s Day Tina!!

Kathleen Lonsdale

Kathleen Lonsdale was an irish engineer and is one featured in our Science and Discovery area. She was the first to prove experimentally that the hexamethylbenzene crystal was both hexagonal and flat in shape. Even though science requires patience and a lot of time, she was able to rear three children. She worked hard at home while her children were young so she could be one of the most important Irish engineers at the same she was a great mother!!

Happy Mother’s Day Kathleen!!

Our Wax Artist Susan

Susan is one of our in  house artists and she’s a very special member of our team. Our resident make-up artist, set designer, shoulder to cry on and creative genius she has worked for the Museum for many years, including both of our changes of location. She has done all of this while being a brilliant mother to Hannah, (and half the Museum). She’s also going to kill us for mentioning her.

A very special Mother’s Day Susan!
Staff hard at work on a puppet

Happy Mother’s Day from the Museum

To celebrate all mother’s we’re also offering a special deal with our neighbours J.W. Sweetman where visitors can avail of a Family Pass (Two Adults & Two Children under 12) and a Family Dinner in J.W. Sweetman’s for €55. A Family trip to the Museum, A Family meal in J.W. Sweetmans and all for Mam. Check out here for the terms and conditions.

A very special Mother’s Day out there to all Mothers from all at The Museum!

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