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The Science and Discovery Zone at The National Wax Museum Plus offers a captivating exploration of scientific marvels and groundbreaking discoveries in an engaging and interactive environment. 

The Science and Discovery Zone pays homage to the dedicated Irish Inventors, engineers and scientists. This dynamic exhibit brings to life the wonders of scientific achievement through a collection of lifelike wax figures, informative displays, and hands-on activities. Visitors are transported into the world of pioneering scientists, innovators, and visionaries who have shaped our understanding of the universe. The meticulously crafted wax figures vividly depict the lives and contributions of luminaries like Albert Einstein. Interactive displays provide an opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. Through captivating VR exhibits, guests can explore concepts such as the wonders of space exploration. The Science and Discovery Zone offers an immersive educational experience that sparks curiosity and fosters a deeper appreciation for the remarkable achievements that have shaped our world. Whether you’re a science enthusiast or simply curious about the wonders of discovery, this exhibit provides a stimulating journey through the remarkable realms of scientific exploration.

Girl enjoying using the science an discovery displays




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