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Philomena Lynott’s kind donation to the Museum & the beginning of the creation of her Waxwork

Behind the Scenes of the beginning of the Philomena’s Lynott’s Wax Work

We were delighted to receive a visit from Philomena Lynott on the 31st of August last. Philomena visited the Museum with close personal friend Alan Amsby (Mr Pussy), her family and Irish artist Conall McCabe. Conall is an Irish artist who created a trilogy of artwork of Phil Lynott, ranging from his early adult years, his years of full flying famewith Thin Lizzy and his later successful career. McCabe created this artwork in New York in 2003 and sent it to Philomena who has now donated it to the National Wax Museum Plus. The artwork is now hanging in the Hall of Fame, preparing the location for it’s intended additions, Phil Lynott, and after this visit, Philomena Lynott.

While the Museum was closed for rennovations we moved the Phil Lynott statute to sister museum, The Irish Rock N Roll Museum Experience, where he is on display, with much more Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott memorabilia, in the “Apollo Studios” section of the tour.  The Musuem has made the decision to keep the waxwork there, due to it’s historical location, as the last Irish recording studio Phil Lynott recorded in before he died in 1986.

We then made the decision to bring Philomena and Alan, down to the Museum in order to begin the proccess of 3D scanning her head for the wax creation process. The Wax Museum sculptor used two 3D scanners, backed up by photography and older techniques to get a fully accurate depiction of both Philomena and Alan’s face, stature and style. Philomena also set and discussed her requested pose and attire.

As a result of this visit The Museum announced on 31st August 2017 that we envisage a place for Philomena in the Hall of Fame directly beside her cherished son. With this step The Museum will also create a new Phil Lynott Waxwork. The Museum also plans on bringing Mr Pussy’s waxwork to life in an  outrageous fashion.


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