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Philomena Lynott added to the Grand Hall of Fame

Philomena Lynott joins her son Phil Lynott in the Grand Hall of Fame

[intro]Philomena Lynott, mother of Irish Rock N Roll Icon is the latest addition to our Grand Hall of Fame exhibit.[/intro]

About The Grand Hall of Fame

The Grand Hall of Fame celebrates a quirky selection of favourites and famous people both international and Irish based. We like to celebrate music old and new, film stars and the odd famous character and much more.

Philomena’s addition to The Grand Hall of Fame

On Tuesday the 7th February Philomena Lynott officially unveiled her wax figure at The National Wax Museum Plus. Philomena Lynott , mother of Thin Lizzy front man and legendary Irish rock icon, Phil Lynott, is a longterm supporter of the National Wax Museum Plus. The wax figure of Ms. Lynott was created by the Irish sculptor, PJ Heraty who attended the launch.

Ed Coleman, The General Manager of The National Wax Museum Plus, said: “2018 began on a bit of an emotional note with a waxwork of our long-time friend and patron, Philomena Lynott. We’re particularly proud that the introduction of her waxwork coincides with the centenary celebration of women’s suffrage. Philomena is our Queen Mother of Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll and we are proud to display her waxwork in the Museum.”

About The Wax Making Process
“When making Phllomena Lynott’s waxwork we had a rather unique process.” Said Marketing Manager Laoise Keaveney “We felt it rather appropriate to undertake the measurement process in Apollo Studios. This is the last recording studio in Ireland Phil Lynott recorded in before he died and it allowed us privacy and comfort to measure Ms Lynott amongst her sons valued posessions. We used a mix of old style techniques and 3D Scanning with  this waxwork. 3D Scanning was used to create a digitial scan of Ms Lynott which helped our sculptor measure every detail. He followed this up with more traditional techniques in order to get a full understanding of Ms Lynott’s measurements.”

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