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The National Wax Museum Launches Conor Mc Gregor Waxwork with the help of Stevo Timothy

The National Wax Museum Plus Officially launches Conor McGregor Waxwork with the help of Stevo Timothy’s Farmer Michael

On August 16th at 4pm The National Wax Museum Plus will unveil the newest addition to its collection of wax figures, The “Notorious” Conor McGregor, with the help of internet sensation Sir Stevo Timothy’s character “Farmer Michael”. Stevo Timothy has 176,000 Facebook followers and his character “Farmer Michael” is a big Conor McGregor fan much to the dismay of his poor partner Kathleen. The waxwork of the controversial fighter is expected to become one of the Wax Museum’s most popular attractions.

A new and innovative artistic and technical process that involved 3D scanning in conjunction with wax sculpting was used to create an uncannily lifelike wax character. The Museum’s Conor McGregor is dressed in one of his trademark suits – chosen by the Notorious fighter himself – and tailored by Louis Copeland and Sons who have generously donated it to the Museum.

Louis Copeland stated, “The suit was selected from the bespoke garments we create for Conor… It’s a navy blue three-piece suit custom created to fit the wax figure’s fighting stance.” McGregor himself suggested that his nom de guerre, “Notorious”, be stitched under the lapel of the jacket.
The Wax Museum’s Marketing Manager, Laoise Keaveney said, “We are all excited to exhibit the new wax figure of Conor, particularly in light of the unprecedented level of worldwide attention being focused on his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday 26th August.”

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Only the best @louiscopeland_and_sons for our newest addition… #SneakPeek

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