The National Wax Museum Plus

Dinosaurs Move into the National Wax Museum Plus

“I’m delighted that I can raise her in such an educational environment” Mother Raptor.

The National Wax Museum Plus have a new addition in their new location on Westmoreland Street. This time they’re after offering up their premises as a home to the raptor and her baby to stay.

“When we heard that they were looking for a home we just had to take them in.” Said general Manager Ed Coleman “and they’d make a great addition to our already quirky museum.”

The mother dinosaur, unnamed, is a Velociraptor, and originates from Mongolia. “We Raptors tend to get a bit of a bad name as we’re a carnivorous breed. I and my baby who is not of full raptor breed were expelled from Mongolia as I tried to introduce a vegan diet to our breed. We made our way to Ireland as we saw that Dublin was such a beautiful city online . However when we arrived we couldn’t find a place to stay so that’s when the National Wax Museum Plus helped us out.”

About Raptors

  • The name Velociraptor originates from Latin words “velox” (swift) and “raptor” (robber or plunderer), as an apt description of its agility and carnivorous diet.
  • They have been featured in many movies such as Jurassic Park franchise.
  • While the Velociraptor was featherless in the Jurassic movies, paleontologists discovered quill knobs (places where the flight-related feathers of birds are anchored to the bone) on a well-preserved Velociraptor forearm from Mongolia in 2007, indicating the dinosaur had feathers.
  • The Velociraptor in the National Wax Museum Plus, is anatomically correct, with feathers and fur on it’s back.

The two Dinosaurs new to the National Wax Museum Plus are to become permanent residents of the exhibition. They are part of a new section in the museum which will help educate schools, visitors and tourists alike about Dinosaurs.

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