Language School Groups

The National Wax Museum Plus is the perfect venue for overseas or language school groups. It is an experience of sight, sound & entertainment which incorporates Irish cultural heritage and popular culture. There are translated sheets and activity work books for visiting Language School Groups. (Available on request)

The museum is a very popular destination for Language School Groups both in Dublin and the rest of Ireland. It’s a great chance for the students to discover Irish history and culture in a fun and educational way. The visual aspect of the museum, combined with audio and text descriptions of each exhibit are ideal for language school groups. It makes it easier for them to understand the content and learn the language. We will be adding new and exciting worksheets in the near future, to enhance visitor experience in particular language school groups, so keep an eye on the website for updates!  

A Fun Experience for Language School Groups

The Time Vaults

A look at Irish History and Culture from the Viking Invasion up to the Good Friday, very educational and informative.

Music & Entertainment

Feel what it’s like to be a Record Producer in our Recording Studio room with a real mixing desk. Learn how to mix a track the way the real producers do!

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