The National Wax Museum Plus

Halloween For Adults 2018 | Night Time Frights and Fun for the daring

[intro] Hallowe’en, it’s just for kids right? You couldn’t be more wrong…. You never know what you’ll find lurking in The National Wax Museum Plus.  [/intro]

The Chamber of Horrors

Do you think you’re ready for The Horror Hotel, The Chamber of Horror’s or The Dublin Dungeons, based in The National Wax Museum Plus? Suggested for those age 16 and over for good reason… With Count Dracula, Hannibal Lecter, Freddie Kreuger and a whole host of creepy wax figures and more guaranteed to thrill all horror enthusiasts and the poor victims they drag along with them. This Horror Experience is Ireland’s original horror experience. We have genuinely been scaring people for years and 2018 will be no different, we guarantee some serious frights for visitors.


Murder Mystery at the National Wax Museum Plus

There’s been a murder at  the National Wax Museum and we need you to solve it! Our Wax Creator has been unceremoniously butchered and all of the waxworks are suspects. Will you believe their alibi? Or will they pull the wool over your eyes? Will  you all work together to solve this mystery or is one of your working against the team?  This evening event is best suited to groups of 8-12 visitors and roughly takes an hour and a half to complete. This game will test your detective skills, your team building skills, your  acting skills and is a unique Murder Mystery event for all types of groups.  Find out more about the Murder Mystery here  or book online today!

FAQ section


  • Are there live actors in the Chambers of Horror?

    For different events, certain times of the year and for Night at the Wax Museum we do have live actors in the Chambers of Horror. Please ask at reception on admission or call in advance to find out.

  • Is the Chambers of Horrors really scary?

    Yes, it’s a specifically designed horror section which features, horror characters, horror animatronics and a monstrous part of the Wax Magic App.

  • Are the Chambers of Horror suitable for Kids ?

    Due to the adult theme in the Chambers of Horror there is parental advisory for those under the age of 16.

  • Do you have to go into the Chambers of Horror?

    No they can be avoided if you continue left at the crossroads for the calming Enchanted Forest

  • What happens if I get too scared?

    Our staff members are always patrolling the Museum so you’re never in any real danger. We will always be there to talk you down after a scary experience. However, we are warning you the horror section is intended to scare so there is a no-refund policy


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