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Phentermine in the uk to buy cocaine. The drugs maker said it would not tolerate the "totally unacceptable" breaches and it intended to "discipline" its workers. The drug manufacturer, Lofthouse Systems, suspended 25 people last night and an additional 16 have been given written warnings. David Gassin, company director of U.K. business for Lofthouse, said: "Our staff did not meet the standards we expect. Our people failed their jobs and caused great harm to the public. "That, combined with a company can i buy phentermine in uk culture which allows misconduct to continue unchecked, means we must take decisive and swift, but fair, action against those responsible." Lofthouse said it acted after staff were questioned about use of the drug after a tip-off by former colleagues. The probe included police operations and on-site inspections of premises in Oxford and Oxfordshire. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the use of loperamide following several deaths. Mr Gassin said the suspension of 25 people came after three were arrested in Greater London - and charged. 'Not in the interest of children' He said: "This is about staff having their right to lead lives and make decisions taken into account for their own personal welfare, rather than in the interest of young people. "The company's immediate goal was to achieve a level of discipline which will ensure that this never happens again." He stressed that employees had not committed these offences in the uk or elsewhere Europe, adding that company bosses had worked in Italy, France, Finland, Latvia and Slovakia. Lofthouse chief executive Martin Williams said: "Lofthouse has repeatedly identified its failure in policing drug-taking behavior since 2001," He added "no one can be allowed to act irresponsibly and cause great distress loss of life. "Drug-taking behavior such as this needs swift and full deterrent punishment." He said most employees had already been given compulsory drug testing. He said they had all been given a choice of formal or oral test and they had not been "deliberately misled". However, he noted that the police were called in after "we became aware of some extremely bad behaviour, behaviour which was not tolerated at all in our company. "I want to reassure people at Lofthouse that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated or countenanced, and there are consequences if when you transgress. "If anyone else at Lofthouse were to consider these types of illegal drug-taking behavior, there would be no question whatsoever as to how this would be dealt with in a serious and swift manner." The firm's management board is due to meet on Friday decide the exact lengths of company's internal disciplinary measures, including suspending people from work until at least end March 2012 without pay. A spokesman for Sussex Phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg buy Police acknowledged the arrests "have not been trivial." However, he added there were "no other arrests taking place."

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