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Gerry Adams added to the Peace Process exhibit

Gerry Adams Wax
[intro]Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is the latest addition to our Northern Ireland Peace Process exhibit in the Time Vaults of Irish History.[/intro]

Time Vaults of Irish History

The Time Vaults of Irish History detail important events in Irish history down through time, from the Vikings right up to the Good Friday. These exhibits are appropriately housed in actual vaults  and detail important events from Irish history.

Peace Process exhibit

Signing the Good Friday Agreement
Our Northerh Ireland Peace Process exhibit is a tribute to those involved in the signing of the agreement, which paved the way for modern day Northern Ireland and an end to years of violence in the region. The exhibit features many of the prominent figures that were instrumental in creating the agreement from both sides, and includes a replica of the signed agreement.

Gerry Adams

Mr. Adams played an instrumental role in the peace talks involved in the Northern Ireland Peace Process and his absence was noted by a few visitors to the museum, so we decided it was about time to get him his own figure. Mr. Adams agreed to sit for our sculptor PJ and was suitably impressed with the likeness. Interviewed after launching his figure, he said he would like to pay tribute to PJ, especially for taking the time and effort to put in each of his beard hairs one by one.

Here are some links to the making of his figure and Gerry Adams’ interview at the launch:
Making of the Gerry Adams Figure

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