Dublin Science Walking Tour

The perfect package! Discover over 400 years of Irish science history when you combine our Science & Discovery exhibition with an ‘Ingenious Dublin’ science walking tour.

The science walking tour is an excellent way to learn about science, innovation and Dublin history, and students really enjoy learning these new stories as they explore the city. You and your class will discover the stories of great Irish scientists, important discoveries and inventions at relevant locations and places, making for a very memorable way to learn. This package deal will ignite children’s interest in the world of science.

Science & Discovery

Students interact with the exhibits The interactive Science & Discovery Zone is a unique exhibit celebrating Ireland’s greatest and brightest in an interactive environment which captures the imagination and allows for a better understanding of the workings of some of Ireland’s greatest scientific and engineering inventions and achievements.


Children at the entrance to the museumVisit, explore and experience all that the museum has to offer. From the Time Vaults of History to the Science & Discovery Zone, from the Chambers of Horror to the Children’s Fantasy World, Grand Hall of Fame, and much more, it’s an exciting and diverse experience for all. It’s a great chance to incorporate both fun and learning, and we have something for everyone.
To book your school tour at the museum: Email: groups@waxmuseumplus.ie Phone: +353 (0)1 6718373

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