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Celebrating International Women’s Day with a nod to the suffragette movement.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Little did many know at the recent launch of Philomena Lynott’s waxwork that there was another bit of History being celebrated in The National Wax Museum Plus.

A New Addition to the Museum from the Archives

Fresh from The National Wax Museum archives the Museum has placed on display a dress and sash to celebrate the 100 year centenary of women’s suffrage in Ireland and Britain. The dress was purchased from the Bourke Family Shop, renowned costumiers, located on Dame Street during it’s closing down sale twenty years ago. The sash itself is a genuine suffragette sash from Irish Catholic Women’s Suffrage Association whose colours were taken on by the suffragette movement to remember Emily Davison. Emily Davison was an English Suffragette who ran onto the course of the Epsom Derby on June 4 1913, she ran out in front of the king’s horse as it was taking part in the Epsom Derby. Ms Davison was trampled by the horse and subsequently died from her injuries June 8th. There are many theories as to why Ms Davison ran out in front of the horse. The Catholic Women’s Suffragette Association proceeded to take on the colours of the kings horse on for their sash out of memory of Emily Davison and her radical work for the suffragettes.

The Museum has chosen to place the dress and suffrage sash on display next to our waxwork of Countess Markievicz, our own revolutionary woman, in our Civil War section of The Irish History path of the Museum. In doing so we place a special importance on the role of women throughout history, often hidden or undiscussed.

The Museum’s Pledge for the Future

We would also like to mark today, international Women’s Day as a day of celebration of women all around the world. We pledge today to adding more women to the Museum in the coming months and years. We are constantly looking for suggestions and opinions in order to improve our Museum and accurately reflect society.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018 from all at The National Wax Museum Plus.

A Great Day Out for All The Family

There’s plenty more Irish heritage to be discovered in the museum with our Mythology room too! Our Time Vaults of Irish History take you on a journey through Irish history through the years, from the vikings right up to present day. All of the biggest figures in Irish history are represented, such as Niamh from Tír Na nÓg and Queen Meadhbh.

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