Autism Friendly Hour at The National Wax Museum Plus


The National Wax Museum Plus Goes Autism Friendly

The National Wax Museum Plus is instituting an Autism Friendly Hour on the first Sunday of each month. The first of these events was held on Sunday 3rd August between 10am and 11am. During Autism Friendly Hour the normative route through the exhibits – as well as – sensory stimulations such as lighting and sound, will be adjusted to make the museum experience more comfortable and enjoyable for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The National Wax Museum Plus is committed to providing a high-quality educational and entertaining experience for all members of the public. The Wax Museum strongly recommends booking in advance as demand for Autism Friendly Hour is expected to be high. The National Wax Museum Plus recently re-opened in its new home at the iconic Lafayette Building, 22-25 Westmorland Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Featuring a plethora of new exhibits and galleries and installations filled with wax figures of renowned Irish and international celebrities, writers, inventors, political leaders and historical personages, the Wax Museum is one of Ireland’s leading and most innovative visitor attractions for residents and tourists of all ages and backgrounds.  

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