Maths Week Fun at the Museum

Maths Week

Join us this Maths Week to learn about Ireland’s greatest mathematicians, and take our Maths Quiz along with you to really get into the spirit of things!

Maths Week begins on the 10th of October and runs until the 18th of October. It’s a nationwide celebration of mathematics and its influence on society. It might not be everyone’s favourite subject in school, but without maths we wouldn’t have computers, mobile phones or much of a society at all! Maths WeekThe Science & Discovery Zone in the museum, is an interactive tribute to Ireland’s best and brightest minds down through the years. Among the exhibits are some Irish people that have made extraordinary contributions to the field of mathematics, including:
  • George Boole, creator of Boolean Algebra without which modern day computers would not exist
  • Robert Boyle, discoverer of Boyle’s Law
  • Many more interesting and talented men and women
Each of the exhibits is accompanied by an interactive display which allows you to put into practice the various inventions and laws to gain a better understanding of how it all works. It’s both educational and fun, what more could you want?

Maths Week Quiz

Especially for Maths Week we have designed a quiz, which takes you on a journey through the museum, with an equation to be solved relating to an exhibit in each room. Are you clever enough to complete our quiz? Click below to download it, print it off and bring it with you. Make sure you have a calculator handy too though! Download Quiz

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