Enda Kenny Ear Wax Sculpture gets Go-Ahead

enda kenny screen

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is set to become the first person to be immortalised entirely in ear wax

The Taoiseach is set to receive his highest honour to date, as it was announced today that Enda Kenny is to become the most recent addition to the National Wax Museum Plus. In an effort to cut back on the usage of beeswax, the museum has decided to take the innovative step of crafting the entire model from earwax, something the Taoiseach was very pleased to hear. enda-kenny   “I’ve thought for years that all of the earwax going to waste every day throughout the country was a major issue. With all the cutbacks in place on beeswax, this is the most suitable solution to put in place. I’m very proud to be the first of what will be many figures of this nature going forward.”   The privilege of donating earwax for the sculpture will be initially offered to the members of Dáil Eireann, with Tánaiste Joan Burton being the first in line to donate to the cause. Afterwards a lottery will be held between Fine Gael supporters for the privilege. ear-wax-removalI’m fierce excited.” said one Fine Gael supporter, “to get the opportunity to be part of a historic moment like this? It’d be a dream come true!” It’s not certain how many ear wax donations will be required, but it’s estimated that queues to sign up to donate will surpass the 30,000 that queued for a chance to be part of the drama series Vikings in Temple Bar yesterday and today.

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