Suspect 3 : Albert Einstein

To be honest the main reason for this historic figure in the field of science is included in our list of suspects, is that he was caught holding this beaker of rather suspicious looking chemicals. Albert Einstein is often regarded as one of the most important scientists ever and his theory of relativity is still recognized and one of the most important advances in the history of Physics. So other than the circumstantial evidence of the beaker, which in fairness could be harmless, what could possibly lead this brilliant man, whose work led to the creation of the atomic bomb …. Wait, hold on a second. 

Einstein was pivotal in helping to create the most powerful weapon in history, so maybe, just maybe, there is a darker side to this seemingly innocuous character. 

Fun Fact – Einstein did not pass his college entrance exam. He passed the science and mathematics tests, but failed the other subjects such as history, languages and geography. He had to go to private lessons and take a new exam to get into the university. There’s hope for us all!

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